Home Extension: Where Do You Start?

You have finally saved up enough to extend your home the way you always wanted to. Here are a few simple steps to help you get started.

Find an Architect

The first step when you have decided to expand your house would be to find a reputed architect. Having an architect visit the site and mark the changes you would like to have done on the original plan. Hiring an architect that has ties with the governing bodies would be an added advantage since after the plans are drawn up; you would need to get it passed by the housing development board or the governing body of the area.

You would need to sit down and decide with your architect, the areas you would need the changes and your requirements and he would be able to offer you a few options as to how the changes could be carried out with minimum invasion.

Get Consent

Once the plans are drawn up, as mentioned above, you would need to get the plans passed by a governing body before starting construction. Once the housing development board has passed your plan, you can begin to look out for a contractor to receive quotations.

Choosing A Building Contractor

When deciding on hiring a contractor, have a couple of teams from different contracting companies which specialize in extensions in your particular area like extensions Adelaide and show them the plan and ask them to get back to you with an estimate. Once you have received several quotations from various companies, begin to compare their estimates.

Make sure use that as a deciding factor as well. To ask how long the process would take and how much it is going to cost you. Make sure that when discussing the cost, you make sure that getting things like high-quality rebar and stirrup benders that they may need for the renovation of your premise is something that is included in the bill.

Formal Contract

When you have decided which company you would be using, ask them to draw up a contract stating all the agreed upon factors. Companies like extensions Adelaide would have formats that they would use for contracts such as this. Signing a contract with the chosen company specifying all important factors is an important step.

Avoid Changes

You would want to make a few changes to your new plan once construction starts but try to keep the changes to a minimum. Making massive changes to the drawn-up plan would throw your contractors off track. Always keep a percentage of back up cash for situations such as this. The more changes you make, the more time is taken to complete the project and the higher the final cost.

Apply the Finishing Touches

Once you have completed your construction you would need to spruce it up and renovate certain areas of the house to accommodate the changes.

Following and implementing these steps when deciding to expand your home would never have been easier.

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