Creative ways to decorate the boring walls in your home

Unlike the golden old days we can add more things to our walls. In the past we only painted are walls in different colours but the new technology allows us to decorate and put make overs to our walls just like how we decorate ourselves! It is very exciting to decorate walls as there are many options available. Let’s see what they are.

Use baskets for your walls

Hanging baskets on the walls cannot be more of the current trend in the fashion world. Hand crafted baskets are designed specifically for wall decorations. Additionally, to make them match the walls look, it brings a very natural burst of colour to the room where it is hanged. You can now get the decorative edge with this team and experience it yourself.

Use peel and stick tiles for your walls

There are zero back splashes and zero issues with sticking on tiles and it is best used for kitchens and bathrooms wall decorations as it is very simple to stick on. For renters this is the best option! No one has to know that the shiny sheets are not real tiles.

Use plants for your walls

You can add greens to walls as decorations. These accessories are a style in modern farm house like. It is also an affordable way to nurture a small indoor garden at your reach.

Use neon signs

In modern day decorations of walls using neon signs is a big one. It looks cool when they are plugged and even unplugged. What statement would you prefer to use in a neon sign at your home?

Use peel and stick shiplap

Shiplap walls will never seize to go out of style. You can use peel and stick wood to turn around your boring bedroom wall into something very attractive.

Use candy art

Is there anyone who doesn’t like candy? It is a sweet print founded by a young artist that is taking over Instagram. It is a type of fun filled kitchen wall decoration pieces that will add extra sweetness to your walls.

Use floating shelves

Even if it is a bedroom or a bathroom or a living room it is great for all spaces. Even though it looks basic it is chic! These are usually available in black or white.

Use wall mirrors

Everyone has those types of friends who always love to stare at the mirror and gazed at themselves. Just imagine what if she finds your walls filled with pretty mirrors? She will never leave your house. Mirrors are more than just decorative items. They have the ability to give any room the illusion of an even bigger room.

Using these creative decorations for your walls at home will make your house a very unique and enjoyable place for your guests, and not to mention all of your friends will be longing to know where you got these creative ideas to decorate your walls in such a descriptive way!

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