More questions on choosing an apartment for a long run

For whom is a serviced apartment most suited?

It is most suited for somebody who is not at home during the most part of the day and has a set schedule that does not allow much leisure time to attend to the upkeep of the space. Businessmen, college students and young executives are the most suited for day to day living of this will also work well for a young couple but if you are looking for a place to raise a family I would always opt for a house with least a small garden space the kids can use to release all that excess energy of theirs.

How can you determine which apartment works best for you?

While taking notes of the basic information such as the distance form your work place and in which floor the apartment is available, the most important factor to look out for is if you are agreeable with their terms and policies. Though the basis of the agreement remains the same, each apartment complex ha a varied standing on each area of interest such as the percentage of security deposit and the appropriation of the utility bills. Each Service apartments Singapore has a policy of their own and it is your responsibility as the probable tenant to do your homework prior to committing yourself to a lease.

Are pets and service animals allowed in apartment complexes?

This needs to be discussed with the management of the specific apartment’s management. While some of them accommodate pets others do not, as a precautionary measure. This is done to eliminate the conflicts that will arise between the pet owner and the immediate occupants.

What are the payment options available to me?

Serviced apartments accept all forms of payments, be it cash, cheques or in form of bank transfers. While the set value of the monthly rent can be set up to be debited form your account you will only have to keep tabs on whether you are exceeding your cap on the utilities and pay the difference accordingly.

Is the fee for the weekly housekeeping service include in the month’s rent?

Yes the fee for the genera housekeeping is absorbed into your monthly commitment. This includes vacuuming and mopping of all rooms, taking out the trash and cleaning the kitchen and changing the bed linen etc. if you require a more frequent service or an additional service, you may do so via the management for an additional cost that will have to be borne by you.

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