Common House Repairs That You Need to Address

There is no such thing as a perfect home. Although your house is newly built or newly renovated, it does not save it from any repairs. Regardless of the age of your house, repairs always come your way. The more you delay fixing them, the more that your house looks older. Actually, there is a long list of repairs that you can commonly encounter. There are items wherein you can fix them yourself; however, there are also items wherein you need to request for the assistance of an expert. Either way, these are both repairs that you need to address so it won’t affect your family’s quality of living.

Clogged Toilet

Whenever people speak of the toilet, the first thing that comes to mind is a plumber. You are undoubtedly correct. A plumber fixes the toilet; however, for instances like this, you can unclog your toilet yourself. You simply must get that toilet plunger of yours and submerge into the toilet bowl. Make sure the toilet has enough water in it before you submerge your plunger; otherwise, add some water before doing so. Now, all you have to do is thrust the plunger downwards for a couple of times. Then, voila! It clears the minor clogs of your toilet. However, in the event that it is still clogged despite the plunger, you will have to get your toilet auger. It is generally more expensive than a toilet plunger, but definitely cheaper than a plumber. Use the end of the auger to submerge it into the toilet until it reaches the clog. After which, you should turn the crank and pull the clog out of it. After it’s done, your toilet is once again clogged-free!

Stained Old Windows

Apparently, the window glasses become stained if exposed to numerous things. Although replacing your entire window will be a costlier option, you can try some home repair hacks to revive the grandeur of your stained old window. To make it look shinier and stain-free, you should reglaze your window by using some sandpaper and window glaze. Before you start with it, bear in mind that this is a tedious and time-consuming task so better prepare yourself for the series of scrubbing that you must do. After much scrubbing and repainting, your window will look brand new. Conversely, if there are any cracks, it is best to contact glass suppliers Perth to order new ones.

Leaking Sink Pipe

Due to the presence of multiple pipes in the kitchen and bathrooms, these have become the most common places where leaks occur. Then again, it is leaking so better get on to work to fix it. First things first. Turn off the water valve. Depending on the design, it can be located near the sink or in the basement or outside your house. After which, get a bucket and place right under the leaking pipe. Expect that the remaining water in the pipe will run through, but you must continue on. Twist the compression nuts to tighten it. If you are in the mood for cleaning, you can clean the pipe first before tightening the nuts if not, then so be it. After tightening it, you’re done! You can open the water valve again and resume normal activities.

House repairs can be a headache if not addressed immediately. Although experts are there to guide you, there are instances when you can do them yourself and you know, there is a sense of fulfilment doing it on your own.

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