Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Working Space You’ve Always Wanted

Have you always dreamt of working outdoors? Well, if you’re a freelancer or someone who only needs a laptop to work, you can now do that! Here are a few tips to help you set it up right.

Keep the Area Well Maintained

Let’s face it unless the area you are going to be working from is well groomed, the chances of you actually going to work outdoors are pretty slim. For a starter, you can plant a few low-maintenance plants. Have a variety of plants so that you are looking out at beautiful scenery when you look up from your work. If you’re not much of a gardener, or if you simply don’t have the time or the energy to invest in taking care of a garden, hire a professional for this job. If you plan on working right from the garden, rather than from a porch, make sure to keep the grass short enough so it does not disturb you. 

Face the Sun

Having plenty of light while you work is essential for you to be productive as well as be creative. Be sure that you are not facing against the sun if you’re working on a laptop, as the glare can be interruptive. At the same time, if the sun is too bright, facing it can be a little difficult. The secret is to find the sweet spot that works just right for you. Take your time experimenting with this, as it can affect your overall productivity in the long run.

Have the Protection of a Shade

Most of us love soaking up the sun whenever possible; especially if a brightly lit day is rare for where you live. But getting in too much sun can be damaging to your skin. Along with sunburns, you can also dehydrate your body, cause premature aging of your skin, and if severely exposed frequently, can even lead to skin cancer. Why take the chance? To avoid putting yourself at risk, make sure you seat yourself in a shady area; like a sun porch. If this is not an available option for you, install a shade for your home. Usually Shade sails in Perth are quite easy to acquire. Along with this, take other measures like using sunglasses and applying sunscreen before heading outdoors.

Make Sure Your Table Is Stable

There is nothing more annoying and distracting than having an unsteady table for your laptop when you are overflowing with ideas and creativity. More often than not, people tend to use portable tables when working outdoors. This can be a poor choice of work furniture as this kind of tables are not very stable or used for serious work. Instead, opt for a solid coffee table or laptop stand for more productivity.

Prioritize the Comfort of Your Seating Arrangement

Make sure you have selected the right chair to sit and work on. Not only will it affect your work, if you plan on doing this long term, it can also affect your back. We understand that you may not be able to take your office chair out with you; especially if you’re working on the grass. But even if you’re sitting on a garden bench to work, make sure you back is well supported, and that you get up often enough so you don’t feel sore.

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