“Protect them like your eyes”

There is a saying where people ask someone to protect something or a person “like their eyes”. This is mostly heard in Asian countries. It is said that eyes are one of the most important parts in our body. Of course, losing sight is a terrible thing and some eye issues are not curable even with today’s advanced medical procedures.


Nutrition for your eyes


As we have always learnt, vitamins are a must for eyes. Clouding of the eye lens happens with time. It actually happens to many people even they do take in the right nutrition due to cell degrading which is a normal procedure of our body. But if you make sure you take in the right nutrients it can be avoided for along time, if you are lucky, until you live. To keep your eyesight strong with your age, you must take in more Vitamins C and Efrom the vitamin family. Peripheral elements such as zinc, zeaxanthin and lutein will help you from seeing better and sharper. Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in the wellbeing of your eyes. All these can assist in preventing cataracts which is the clouding of the eye lens due to old age.


Activities to do and not to do


Same as our body, eyes also get tired. If you read for a long time or stare out that can be so. However the modern version of eye demon is the computer. Staring in to the computer or any screen for a lengthened time can make eyes wear out faster than it normally would. Doctors vehemently oppose working on the computers for more than 20 minutes without taking a break to look away; you must blink or “fall asleep” that is, open and close eyes very slowly to give them pause. Also staring ahead for an excess of time can give you “dry eyes”. So blinking is important to re-wet the eyes. It is also significant to use a computer with a screen on your eye-level and with adjusted brightness according to your eyes. Surrounding lighting also must be optimum to reduce eye strain.

Medical marvels


Medicine has been able to provide many solutions to eye problems that were occurring fora long time; for example, cataracts isnow treated by replacing the eye lens. However this might have to be done repeatedly if the lens gets damaged again and again. Grafting of eye tissue is also done due to various causes. There are cosmetic procedures which are performed to make your eyes look beautiful as well. Eyes add a special kind of beauty to one’s face; so if you have “sunken” eyes it is now possible to get a double eyelid surgery Singapore  and have bigger, more beautiful eyes.


Beautiful or not, eyes are very useful to us. They are said to be the windows to our souls. Taking care of your eyes must be a mandatory obligation.



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