Tips for incorporating the culture and the tradition of the land you live in to you home

Choose a house with traditional “bones”

If you really want to get the country to speak in the house you live in, you will have to start right from the structure of your home. If you are still house hunting, select a house that has local traditional architecture incorporated in it. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to select an old fashioned home; even modern homes can derive from traditional “bones”. If you’re confused about how to select a home or a locality that will give you this, consider asking the locals you know for help. Better yet, find a real estate agent who can help you in a professional way to select the ideal house for you.


Opt for local craftsmen when it comes to furniture

Apart from the house itself, one other large aspect that showcases the beauty of a country in a house¾that too in an emphasized way; is the what you use to furnish it with. Shipping your own furniture is a brilliant way to cut costs as well as hold on to a little of your own home country; but it is also a definite no when it comes to playing out the tradition. If and whenever possible, consider opting for local craftsmen and local designs. This basically means if you live in Singapore, you should opt for furniture Singapore made and designed.


Select materials in designs that speak of your country

The above two tips are admittedly difficult things to do. If you’re looking for a subtler or simpler way to showcase your new home country, then here it is…! Each country has its own take on materials and designs related to materials. If the country you’ve moved to and decided to make your own has prominent traditional designs or color combinations, use it to subtly speak of the country you choose to show case. You can use these materials in complex things like upholstery as well as other simpler things like curtains and throw pillows.


Wise words before you start…  

There’s one important thing to keep in mind when it comes to emphasizing a country as your home theme¾and it’s that; no matter how pretty something can be, it may not be the right fit for you. Go small if you feel you may have enough of it soon¾especially if you plan on settling in that home for a long time. There’s also the fact that your home’s local visitors may be less than impressed by it, seeing that it’s not something new to them.


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