Creative Ways To Give Your Home A Modern Makeover

Old homes might feel quaint and memorable when you first move into them but can get frustrating pretty soon unless it has been modernized to suit our current need. Here’s how to modernize your older home in a creative way.

Change the small things

Sometimes, the smaller things make a bigger difference than you think. If what you have in mind for your home is not a whole makeover that will include major home renovations, then this is a great tip for you to try out. Try changing out the small things like doorknobs, light fixtures, taps and update the doorbell sound. Modern designer lighting and sleek bathroom fixtures can drag your home a couple of years into the future. Motion detecting lights are one of our favorite ways of making any hallway seem more updated.

Opt for a modern color scheme

Colors are very important when it comes to homes. It can make your home open and welcoming, or make it good cramped and kitsch. Since the goal is to try to make your home look modern, use modern wall paint themes to help you with your task. One of our favorite colors for this purpose is grey. By itself, grey can look very drab and boring. But combined with a stark white or a more cheerful yellow ocher, any space will feel ultra modern. Be warned that this may not work well with already furnished homes, as not all furniture will suit this color theme.

Focus on the areas your visitors will see

So here’s the thing; not many people have the time to oversee large home renovations…or the money for it. Select areas are that the guests to your home generally get to see. For example, the bathrooms are a great place to start your modernization. After you are done with it, you can slowly push for the rest of your home, bit by bit, when you are ready for it. Another great place to start, but solely for the purpose of helping you feel like your home is more updated, is the bedroom. Modernize it so it’s more than simply a place you head to when you need to crash for the night.

Carry out the modern theme outdoors

Unless you have difficulties doing it, we strongly suggest that you start modernizing the outside of your home as well. This will continue the modernized theme of the house. We suggest you get a garden designer to do the landscaping, as it is generally handled better by the professionals. However, we do realize that garden designers can get crazily expensive to hire. In this case, think of things like motion sensing lights to light up your garden path, geometrically shaped concrete flower pots, modern garden swings or seats for a start.

Be careful of the designs you choose for your upholstery

Printed upholstery can add a hint of quaintness to any home. However, you must admit that it can sometimes look outdated and old-fashioned, even when you place it in a room done up to suit your theme. If this happens with your furniture, instead of selling it off, consider redoing the upholstery to suit your newly modernized home, which might be cheaper.

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