Advantages of Floating Wood Tile for Parquette

Having the right choice of material for your parqueting can make a world of difference in your home. Therefore it is important to understand your requirements and compare each option of parqueting against that requirement. Floating wood tile parqueting has been a method that is very commonly used in many homes around the world and they also have many other names in use for it from country to country. Here are some of the main advantages of using floating wood tiles as your choice.

It will not break your wallet

One of the biggest advantages that you will find very agreeable, given that prices of parqueting are high, is that floating wood tiles or laminate flooring Melbourne will not be too costly. It is less than half the amount that you would be likely to spend on hardwood and will definitely be cheaper than carpeting. Because it will not need replacing for years to come you will be saving some money in the long run as well. It is also very resistant to heavy traffic and even stains and scratches and unlike in the case of marble and carpets or hardwood it will not fade off in the sunlight. The durable melamine plastic layer that is used during the manufacturing process is what helps this stay in good shape for much longer. It has a core board underneath that can take on at least 1200 pounds of pressure per square inch. Got five kids, a Great Dane and a mastiff? No problem to get them all in there and the parqueting will be just fine.

Installation is a cake walk

Installing the parqueting is quite literally a snap and will not prove challenging. It will also be really great for the DIY fans to test their hands at it. All you need to do is just click the pieces into place and you will be done. You will not need any type of glue for this and it will also not matter what your subfloor looks like because there is no need for you to use glue to stick this down. It can be therefore used on top of plywood, wood, cement and even vinyl that is already there.

Lots of grain patterns to choose from

There are many different varieties of this type of parqueting available today that comes in different grain patterns and colours that mimic trees. You might want to think about whether it would be worth it spending so much when you can get the same job done with much better durability for also much less of the original amount. The choice that you get with this type of parqueting is also not at all restricted by price.

Cleaning is a breeze

One more advantage, if all this was not enough is the cleaning and the maintenance. You will not need any polishing and waxing and you will definitely not need steam cleaning and the likes. All you need to do is either dust it or vacuum it and then run over the whole place with a wet mop and you are done.

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