How to plan for a perfect honeymoon:

As we all know that getting married nowadays in a church or a traditional ceremony can be quite expensive. Many couples start saving money for a couple of years in order for them to afford an extravagant wedding celebration. But nowadays many couples are becoming more practical with their decisions because what is more important after the wedding is the marriage itself. It would be nice to start living your lives together without having to think about outstanding wedding debts to pay for.


After the wedding ceremony, the couple usually goes straight to their honeymoon destination to unwind after months of preparations.  The main goal of having a honeymoon is to be able to spend quality time together as husband and wife.  The destination will only be secondary. Below are some practical tips on how to enjoy your vacation.

Choose the right location by going to places that are less frequented by tourists. If you could choose an ideal date for the honeymoon try going on off-peak seasons where hotel and plane rates are a lot cheaper. The same goes for the expenses since most establishments charge more on peak seasons.


If you want to save money on airfare choose for a nearby destination or just within the country.  Local destinations are more affordable since there’s no need for you to think about converting your expenses on foreign currency. With regard to your accommodation spending, big money on expensive hotels is not a practical idea especially if you are working on a budget. There are some reasonably priced accommodations that you can take advantage of like local lodges or motels.  You can check out several options from serviced apartments Singapore for competitive rates.


If you can’t afford a getaway after the wedding you can always do it some other time when you have recovered from your recent expenses. Or you can request a honeymoon registry, it works the same as a wedding registry. You can make a list of the things that you would be needed in advance and ask your guests to help pay for the trip instead of giving traditional gifts.

Create a honeymoon fund together and set a goal on how much money should be set aside for a certain amount of time that will be used to fund your vacation. To save money on airfare you can combine your credit card points and convert them into plane tickets. The nice thing about this is that both of you are committed and motivated to work hard on a certain goal that requires patience and discipline.

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