Tips on decorating an already-furnished place

Decorating a furnished place can be just as great as decorating a place from the bottom. Ll you need to do is find some creativity and get a unique look to the place.

Now you may have a place like a fully furnished apartments for rent in jurong, but to help you make it feel homey here are some tips to burst your imagination and get that unique look around your apartment.

  • When decorating a fully furnished apartment, you may notice how you can’t exactly change the carpet and the wallpaper, so without trying to change it. Try going with it instead and picking you color of preference from the colors already in the place you can start working on the accessories for your place.


  • You can go for rugs! Now rugs come in different types, so make sure to check its texture and the vibrant colors and pick out a rug to get that look you want. You could either have the rug blend in with the colors in the place or have it scream, with a completely different colored or patterned rug. Rugs aren’t just decors but they also help to protect the carpet as well.


  • Unless your land lord has not told you anything about having the furniture placed the exact way it is on your contract, then you don’t really have to keep it that way. Move the furniture in the place in a way you like them to be placed, I can ensure you, you will just love the newer look.


  • If you want a place to feel homier, you need a way to have a signature look. It could be stuffed animals around the place, or frames and frames filled with pictures hanging along a wall. Either way, make sure to find your signature. You may want to bring in all your stuff as the apartment comes fully furnished, but make sure to bring in the things that helps you feel yourself.


  • If your apartment does not come with a book shelf, you will have to make one in a corner. While space management is important, you could always try going for a DIY hack to get yourself an amazing bookshelf to keep your things.


  • Sometimes, full furnished places can look over furnished. So if there is any sort of furniture in the place that you may feel disturbed on, or you feel like is a waste of space then ask your land lord to have it taken for storage.

Well, hope these tips help you get the uniqueness into your apartment and make you feel like home.

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